迈克尔J. Walberg 艺术指导和3D全科 概念,故事板, 3D动画& 图形设计 北京中国

Michael Walberg    Art Director Concept  | Graphics  |  3D animation  |  Cartoons and Storyboards
Print | Broadcast | Film

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Michael Walberg is an artist whose work is an eclectic mix of traditional training and digital magic. Like most digital artists working today, Michael Walberg, a boy from the countryside growing up with horses, cows, rabbits and dogs of every kind, became interested in art, design and animation as a kid. He was fascinated by the Warner Brothers’ Road Runner and Bugs Bunny cartoons, Disney feature animated movies like the Jungle Book and Lady and the Tramp and any cartoon with Donald Duck. Michael was fascinated by early Japanese animation such as Speed Racer and Kimba the White Lion. His appetite for science fiction was near insatiable as he gobbled up Star Trek, Lost in Space and any program that propelled man into outer space. Michael was an avid reader of comic books and still loves the medium to this day.

Michael Studied Art, Photography and Design for two years at The Corcoran School of Art – the oldest Art school in the United States. Michael Transferred to the University of the District of Columbia and completed his degree in fine arts painting (watercolor and oils) with minors in art education, theater (acting and set design) and advertising design.

Upon Graduation Michael continued study of television production and studio lighting at Fairfax cable access channel 10; then the number one cable access station in the United States. He continued to paint and exhibit art , including a one man show of “Too much TV” at Capital Children’s Museum, the DC Mayors bicentennial show and the now famous Art’O’Matic exhibitions. Michael worked his way into the world of advertising design, first with small studios creating direct mail print as a production artist and finally creating catalog design and art direction for major department stores and corporate branding for large and small advertising agencies as well as web based e- learning and television news graphics for smaller boutique design shops.

Through all the change in industry, Michael has constantly adapted and retooled –from canvas to paper, film to digital, flat to 3D all the time continuing to create his own projects and developing unique story and art direction skills that allow him to take a project from concept to completion in nearly any media. Michael’s explorations have taken him to Canada, Central America, Europe and finally China, where he currently resides.

Michael continues to draw as much as possible, write, paint, storyboard and create comic and picture book media as well as short animated films. Michael’s quest for knowledge and excellence never ends as he is currently continuing advanced study of 3D character animation (ianimate.net) with professional mentors working for Dreamworks animation in Glendale, CA –including the amazing head supervising character animator – Jason Ryan.

Graphic Design continues is one of Michael’s personal passions. As an Art Director he is always looking for the balance between creativity, clarity and function. Two of his recent projects – “Ground Zero Punk” and “Too much TV” are in continued production and being adapted to film properties.

Michael J. Walberg
Art Director and 3D generalist
Concept, storyboards, 3D animation & Graphic Design

Design and animation are tools for better communication and storytelling. My work is about clarity and brevity. I’d like to draw you in with a POW, seduce you with color and invite you in to stay a while. Information and eye candy should be clear and easy to digest-but still stand out amongst the competition. I do this with every tool at my fingertips - painting, drawing, photography and Computer graphics, complimented with over 10 years of experience in print, web and multimedia design.

As a teacher I approach learning from a “by the numbers“ building block strategy. I teach key concepts that are applicable to all software applications and inspire creative thinking and problem solving.  My unique approach to teaching comes from a lifetime of learning- Art School, University, Military and Varsity and collegiate sports, As well as new vocational specific schools training to the needs of professionals today. This experience is complimented by my continued lifelong learning journey and allows me to make a connection with my student and promote excellence in learning.

Catalog production and design
Advertising Concept
Package Design
Typography and branding
Print design & production
3D modeling and animation
Comic production
Motion graphics
Digital and traditional illustration

QuarkXpress, InDesign,
Illustrator, Photoshop
Painter, Sketchbook Pro, Manga Studio
Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash
Maya, Z-brush, After Effects
Microsoft Office, Final Draft

Mac or PC

Work Experience

2011 – 2012
Art Director – Freelance in China
Currently finishing art direction and creative for Green TV Launch. Adaptation of Graphic logo to 3D animation fro broadcast. Responsible for concept and scripting. Worked closely with Pan Luoyi producing animation and broadcast graphics and promos to include directing of CCTV voice talent Mrs. Hou and supervision of production studio.

2011 – 2012
Art Director – American Art Institute
3D training curriculum and marketing for 3D animation school in China.

2007, Topco Sales, Chatsworth, CA
 – Sr. Designer
Reported to Sr. Art Director and work closely with account reps on product and packaging development. Responsibilities included but were not limited to:

  • Adult Novelty and Package design.
  • Branding and graphics.
  • 3D product concept.
  • Typography
  • Created package designs in Adobe illustrator.
  • Repurposed and digitally retouched photography.
  • Tabletop product digital photography.
  • Conceptual design for comfort and ergonomic control.

2003 - 2005
Admarketing, Century City, CA- Sr. Designer
Clients include Smart and Final and Shoe Pavilion.
* Responsible for all production and conceptual design of retail direct mail advertising in three states.
* Worked directly with senior members of the Smart and Final marketing department. Four-round production cycle.
* 6-14 versions each zone (4 Zones) using QuarkXpress, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
* Reported to client and senior vice president of company.
* Created protocols of converting client excel pricelists to usable resources.
* Responsible for recording and billing 150-200 hours monthly.
* Responsible for color release and press check on-site at printer.
* Supervised print and service bureau vendors such as Trend offset and Aldus digital.
* Photography, photography direction, art direction.
* Conceptual storyboarding for television commercials.
* Elevated and evolved corporate branding  for Smart& Final Hotsheet direct mail print.
* Production included retouching, silhouette and montage using Adobe Photoshop.
* Concept development, design and production. - Smart & Final delivery trucks.
* In-store poster design for Shoe Pavilion.
* 3D Illustration for agency Christmas card, 2004, 2005.
* 3D Television graphics and animation featuring an original gobbling turkey character
for Shoe Pavilion Thanksgiving 2004. spots using Alias Maya.
* Supervision of freelancers.

1996 - 2000
May Company- Hecht’s department stores, Arlington VA – Catalog Art Director
* Reported to Sr. Creative Director
* Catalog and Direct mail design using QuarkXpress
* Storyboards, typography, retouching
* Supervised production staff

1994 - 1995
Woodward and Lothrop, Washington, DC - Catalog Designer
* Reported to Sr. Catalog Art Director.
* Catalog and Direct mail design using QuarkXpress

1991 - 1994
Fraudulent Productions, Washington, DC
* Production Designer, responsible for stage concept and production.

Storyboard Experience

Storyboard artist- The stone on the shore
Director- Jonada Jashari
Script breakdown and shot development. Story development. 3D pre vis. Delivered 150+ greyscale boards suitable for shooting or presentation.

Storyboard artist- Vimivo arthritis medicine
This is a test productions- Line producer- Colin Miller
Script breakdown and shot development. Character development. Delivered 50+ greyscale boards suitable for shooting or presentation.

Writer/artist- Ground Zero Punk Graphic novel
Walbergstudios productions
Character and story development.  24 pages inked and colored to be printed and distributed January 2011. Money for printing raised on Kickstarter.com during Winter 2010.

Key artist- Hole in the Head
A Smith Leonard Production, 2010.Produced By Wilbert Smith Ph.D.Directed by Brett Leonard ( Virtuosity, Lawnmower man )
Concept and key art development. Illustration and montage using photoshop and delivering final art (movie poster and marketing collateral ) suitable for four color reproduction.

Storyboard artist- Last Trane
Script breakdown and shot development. Story development. Delivered 75+ greyscale boards suitable for shooting or presentation.

Storyboard artist- Blue
Sepedia Productions – Brian Holt
Script breakdown, direction and story development. Character development. Delivered first 25 minutes of film in four days.

Key artist- A Town called Boli
Sepedia Productions – Brian Holt
Concept and key art development. Illustration using photoshop and delivering final art suitable for four color reproduction.

Storyboard artist- Revolver
Producer –Andrew Mosley
Script breakdown, direction and shot development. Story development. Delivered black and white boards shooting boards.

Storyboard artist- Doritos mascot fight
Independent production company
Script breakdown and shot development. Story development. Delivered color, grayscale and black and white  presentation boards.

The Famous Radio Ranch, Sherman Oaks, CA
Marketing collateral, album covers, character design and 2d animation “Hanna Barbara “ style using Anime studio Pro.
-Character design, storyboard and animation including lip sync for short cartoon “Chickenman” -Chickenman was a radio show produced in the 60’s with over 185 episodes. Viewable on YouTube. 25,000 hits so far.

Teaching Experience

2009 – 2010
Cartoon University / Art Instructor
Advanced computer graphics, Animation and modeling teacher. Illustration and cartoon making.

2008 – 2011
LA County High School for the Arts (LACHSA)
Teaching advanced computer graphics and animation with Autodesk Maya
* Created unique and original training curriculum.
* 3D modeling and animation instructor.

2007 – 2008
Montecito Fine Arts, Arcadia, CA- 3D department Chair / Instructor
Responsible for curriculum, training and vision of the 3D department
* 3D modeling and animation instructor.
* Storyboard Instructor
* Creative architecture instructor
* Creative Foundation instructor

1991 - 1993
Channel 10 Fairfax, VA- Instructor
* Studio and field lighting for television. Television studio production.

Freelance Experience

February, 2007, Headblade Co., Culver City, CA
– Contract Art Director

* Advertising design, Package design, 3D concept

January, 2007, Walt Disney Consumer products, CA- Glendale
– Freelance Designer, Photo retouching.

November, 2006, The Ingle Group, Brentwood, CA
– Contract Art Director
* Magazine layout and design, Pagination, Photo retouching

October - November, 2006, CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in entertainment),
Los Angeles, CA- Design Director

* 68 page 4/c Program catalog design and production. 

April - June, 2006, The Import Collection, Panorama City, CA – Art Director
* Catalog design, Direct mail advertising, web design, and Tabletop digital photography

2000 - 2003, Walberg Studios design, Hollywood, CA
Conceptual and production services
* Value Printing - direct mail, marketing collateral and brand identity
* The famous Radio ranch Design and production of marketing collateral and identity.
* BlueBeam Software Print advertising and web animation.
* Great Lengths Movie poster concepting, design & production.
* Carney Interactive Multi media design and Illustration ; Flash animation for e-learning.
* Reuters Business New Reports . Television Graphics.
Created 4-7 story graphics in 4 hours.
* Restaurant USA Magazine Editorial illustration.
* Amgen, Belken – design, production


Ianimate online school for advanced character animation
Online school for advanced character animation,
Dreamworks animation, Jason Ryan, Glendale, CA,
2011, 2012

The Bookshop - Concepting and Art Direction
Torrance, Santa Monica, CA,
2005 - 2006

3D Mirage - 3D Modeling and Animation
3D modeling and animation

Masters Oil Painting Workshop - John Michael Angel Studios

Gnomons School of Visual effects - 3D Modeling and Animation with Autodesk Maya
Story-boarding, 3D modeling and animation

Bachelor of Arts, Painting - University of District of Columbia, 1991
Painting, Art education, advertising design, theater
Washington, DC

Corcoran School of Art - Washington, DC
Fine art, photography, Graphic design
1985 -1987

International Travel

2011 – Gui Lin, Naning, Hong Kong, LiuZhou
2002 – Torronto, Canada
2001 - Amsterdam, Utrecht
2000 - Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Florence, Rome
1999 - Belize, Paris, London

Selected fine art Exhibitions

Moca Art Gallery, Washington, DC
Darlings Group show
Three portraits of Uncle Roger, oil on canvas, August 2002

Moca Art Gallery, Washington, DC
DC commission on the arts fellowship candidate exhibition
Group Show, Kennedy, oil on canvas, July, 2002

RTKL Architecture lobby, Washington, DC November 2001
One painting
Acrylic on Canvas

Soho Coffee Shop, Washington, DC October, 2001- present
Acrylic on shaped canvas

Soho Coffee Shop, Washington, DC
One man show (3) Painting shows.  August 1, 2001 to October 30, 2001

Soho Coffee Shop, Washington, DC
One man show Paintings and Drawings. October 1, 2000 to November 30, 2000

Art-O-Matic, Washington, DC
Group show
Oil and acrylic(s) on shaped canvas, October, 2000

Source Theater, Washington, DC
Group show Charcoal Drawings on paper. July, 2000

Soho Coffee Shop, Washington, DC
Group show
Paintings and Drawings. February 1, 2000 to March 30, 2000

Capitol Children's Museum, Washington, DC
One man show
"Too Much TV" Illustrations in Watercolor on paper, December 19, 1999 - January 9, 2000

The Kennedy Center, Washington, DC. 
Sidewalk chalk murals 1996-2001, Edwin Fontaines Washington Chalk Festival

Dupont Court, Washington, DC
One man show
Preview portrait show. Oils on canvas board, September, 1999

Moca Art Gallery, Washington, DC
Group show
Group Show Watercolors, 1996

Mayors Bicentennial Exhibition, Washington, DC
Group show
Large Acrylics, 1995

Bradhaws rooftop restaurant, Washington, DC
One man show
Large acrylics on canvas, 1992

Isola Verde Restaurant, Washington, DC
One man show
Watercolor children's paintings, 1991

Hell Nightclub, Washington, DC
Murals in the basement
Acrylic on sheet rock panel, 1991

Copies unlimited, Washington, DC
One man show
Large format acrylics, 1990

University of the District of Columbia, Washington, DC
Group show
Large format watercolor, 1990

Vault nightclub, Washington, DC
One man show
Large format acrylics on canvas, 1989

Fifth Column Nightclub. Washington, DC
Group show
Large format acrylics on canvas and Masonite, 1988

Fifth Column Nightclub. Washington, DC
Acrylic murals in (three) bathrooms 1988

Copies unlimited
One man show
Large format acrylics, 1990